Nyheter om Showbie

App´en showbie

App´en showbie

Showbie har annonsert at de snart kommer med mye nytt, deriblant en gradebook, mulighet for å se en elevs innleveringer samlet, en portfolio og foreldretilgang.

De skriver følgende i en nyhetsutsendelse:

Gradebook – Add any type of grade to an assignment: 95%, Great work!, or A+ we’ll handle it! Easily export grades to your other systems. Preview the gradebook here

Student search – Look up a student and see all their assignments and grades in one place. Perfect for when you’re preparing report cards or sitting down with parents!

Portfolio – Have your students created an awesome book from Book Creator or a video in iMovie? The portfolio allows everyone to see this work and be part of the learning journey, including parents! Preview the portfolio here

Parent access – Get parents in the loop with access to grades, portfolios and feedback.

Når nyhetene slippes, sier de ingenting om, så vi må bare smøre oss med tålmodighet.

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